Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here is an interesting idea...

I must begin by saying that my week is always complete when I get to read Jen Robinson's Sunday Afternoon Visits. They are so insightful and bring me to new information each week. This week something she wrote about caught my eye, for whatever reason, and I thought it was kind of interesting. So, I am sharing it with you as well.
The site is called Kidderlit. It is a twitter. What is a twitter you say? I say that as well. I still plan to look up exactly what a twitter means, and maybe I will post it here when I do, or maybe you already know or don't really care. The important thing to know is that this site plans to post the first line of a children's or young adult book each day. The trick is, there is no title or author listed in the post. You must click on the link to Amazon to find out who wrote the book and what the book is called. INTERESTING.... It looks like it just started, so I guess we will see.
On another note, I plan to review a book tomorrow. WhoHOO! I know it has been awhile, but I have so much less time to read now that school started. Come back tomorrow to see what my book will be. :D


Anonymous said...

So glad that you found something of interest, Megan. And thanks for your kind words about my Sunday Visits posts! I certainly enjoy doing them. And posts like this make it worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Megan. Thanks for the mention of KidderLit! KidderLit is brand new, but it's a spin-off of TwitterLit, which I launched in late April. On TwitterLit I post the first line of a book (any book, not just for kids) twice a day, every morning and evening. And people can subscribe to them by RSS or email or on Twitter. And with both KidderLit and TwitterLit there are widgets people can add to their sites. Twitter, meanwhile, is a kind of public instant messaging that can be useful for many different reasons: shouting out to a group of friends, just announcing interesting sites to the world, etc. I could go on.... Thank you again!