Monday, November 19, 2007

I Need to Amp-up My Writing Skills

Thanks for the steal Liz B. at A Chair, A Fireplace, & A Tea Cozy.
Now I need to amp-up my writing skills. Good thing I just purchased The Elements of Style.
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Bkbuds said...

No, you don't! I worked in textbook publishing long enough to learn the reality of so-called "reading levels."

They measure word length and sentence length, because those short anglo-saxon words like love, hate, war, death or life are easier to master than those complicated latinate ones, which also presumably require more convoluted sentences to hold them.

What they don't measure is the complexity of the ideas being expressed.

Shakespeare tested out at an eighth grade reading level; Dickens at fifth grade and Mark Twain at fourth grade.

Your reading level is just fine. Mine's high school too and I thought that was too high, considering I write about picture books!

Megan Germano said...

Ah, thank you my friend! :)
And by the way I was just kidding, if I haven't amped up my writing yet, it ain't going to get there any time soon. ;)