Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New teacher Tool

I just read about this on the IRA's Reading Today Daily. I have only brieftly checked it out, but I think it could be helpful in certain situations. Although, I did try the BookAlike (TM) system and I did not exactly get the results I wanted, but I bet it could happen.
Teacher Book Wizard (TM) by Scholastic


Tricia said...

Hi Megan,
Thanks for highlighting this resource. My only problem with a tool like this is that it doesn't require a teacher to know the books that kids read. The best way to match a kid to a book is to read, read, read and know your kids. I think it's hard to recommend books when you haven't read them yourself. I always found it easier to find a title I knew a kid, particularly a reluctant reader, would like I could talk it up.

Megan Germano said...

I agree FULLY. I know that I need to Read like crazy to keep up with these kids, but when you are at a loss, or you just can't think of anything, this would be great. I always tell kids to look at all the sources, go anywhere and everywhere to find the right book for you. Gotta practice what I preach.

Blink said...

Cool! Easy. Quick. Feeling good about asking for this. Thanks.