Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teacher Swap

Oooo, if you didn't sign up to take part in the Teacher Swap you are T-totally missing out! I have been paired with Kristine from BestBooksIHaveNotRead. It is so bizarre that we are quite alike. She has posted the answers to the questionnaire we were provided here. So I will post my answers as well. By the way... I just know there is going to be a wonderful book to blog about very soon... I haven't come across it yet, but I know it is out there!

1. Do you have any hobbies? Beyond the fact that I love reading my other hobbies are really just things I enjoying doing such as: sunning, shopping, and vacationing. (But I don't think those are actual hobbies)
2. Do you enjoy crafting? If so anything in particular? I do enjoying crafting. I am more into card making and stamping than scrapbooking. But I get in the mood for both. I also have a sewing machine I tinker with now and then.
3. 5 favorite things you can't live without. Make-up, hair products, purses, all my school junk such as professional books and kidlit, and junk food. (Those are really superficial??)
4. Do you collect anything? Not really. I am a collector of anything and everything
5. Do you have any Children or pets? I do not have any children but I do have one great Mutt I love very much. (Rizzo)
6. Favorite things to do during "back to school" season. Shop for supplies, organize my room, look for new books to start the year off with, and FREAK OUT! ;)
7. What makes you think of school? Notebooks, books, and basically anything in an office supply store. ( I love that stuff)
8. Favorite treats? Candy bars (without nuts), Hostess Cupcakes, pretty much any kind of junk food
9. Favorite color combo. I love the colors blue, orange, green, pink in that order, but not necessarily together.
10. Any allergies? None that matter to anyone but me. Bee stings and sulfa ;)
More interesting information about me:
I am married. Live in Dayton, OH. I went to college at the University of Dayton. I teach in the town I grew up in Xenia, OH. I have taught fifth grade language arts and social studies for 11 years in the same elementary school. I have no kids but my sister recently had twins, so I have adopted them as my own ;) My husband as recently been very sick and is in the process of getting a new liver. Our life is improving so much each and every day.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I know it is right out there! Maybe even in a stack of "to reads"!