Friday, June 29, 2007

Fair Weather by Richard Peck

So, I was having trouble going backwards and remembering books I have read this summer so I am going to go with the books I have read most recent. I will start with Fair Weather by Richard Peck.
GREAT BOOK! This book has been on my shelf for quite awhile. I have no idea why I never read it before, but that is beside the point. I have recently gotten into reading books by Peck. I really love his style and Fair Weather is no exception.
Being that I also teach Social Studies, I really liked the historical aspects of Fair Weather. However, they may not fit anywhere in my fifth grade curriculum. The book focuses on the year 1893 and the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. As I have mentioned before, I do not like to give away a plot. What I especially enjoy about this book is the main characters who are country bumpkins, teenage girls, and sisters. I also took note of the fact that the novel intertwines a fictional family with historical characters as if they actually interacted.
To me, I picked up a strong theme of women's liberation. But as you can imagine in 1893, the United States was still very much a man's world.
This book may be lost on fifth grade students. Perhaps with a little decoding, a lot of historical explanation, and for sure reading aloud; I can't believe anyone couldn't enjoy the story.
NOTE: Be sure to check out the Author's Note at the end for some very interesting information.

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