Sunday, July 29, 2007

Noteworthy Blogs

I have finally gotten myself together to put some links on here for other blogs I enjoy reading from time to time. (Oh, who am I kidding? I read them everyday.) The list isn't very long and I feel like I may have missed some blogs. If you would like your blog on my list, give me a little shout out in the comments. If you are on my list and you think you may be there by mistake, you may shout out that as well. :D
Sometimes I have had a few comments from people and I can't figure out if they have a blog or are just commenting... One of life's mysteries, but I try to read everyone's blog who comments me. Back to regular blogging tomorrow and I have a super picture book to talk about!


Flip said...

We're new to the kid-lit-blog scene and would love a link. Happy to link to you too - Thanks! :)

Flip said...

Hi Megan -

Thanks so much again! We've added you to our "Favorite Places". I love your blog. We've read a couple of the books you mentioned (Clementine, The Writer's Notebook, etc.) and you've given us more to add to our wishlist.

Thanks again,

Mary Lee said...

Someone's been busy! Good work!

We tagged you for a meme -- can't wait to see your answers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking. Hope that the blog is going well! I found lots of posts by you when I just got back from vacation, so I know that you're out there doing a lot. Keep up the great work!