Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rules by Cynthia Lord

Rules by Cynthia Lord! You have got to read it! I absolutely loved it. Sometimes the hype on a book is more than necessary. I found this to be untrue for this book. Catherine, the 12 year old main character struggles with the fact that she has an autistic brother. Her feelings are so real and raw. They are the struggles many 12 year olds have compounded by the struggle of having an autistic family member. Not only that, but Lord does a wonderful job of sensitively presenting disability.
I loved Catherine's "Rules" for her brother! Some of the "Rules" I felt myself wishing I had thought up for my own "little sister" (she is 28:) )
This is a book I would want my students to read on their own. I think it would be nice for a read aloud, but even more thought provoking for students to read on their own and form their own opinions. I would love to hear their thoughts on how they would act in some of the situations Catherine finds herself in during the course of the story.
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