Monday, December 10, 2007

7 Things Meme

I have been tagged by A Year of Reading for a fun little Meme. (Do you since any sarcasm in that sentence?) But I am not one to be rude, so I am completely obliged. Although, I am going to follow suite and do what they did in changing the Meme slightly. I like this idea because it is more focused.
Seven Things About Me As a Reader
1. I was not a reader for a long period of my life. I was a reader, then I wasn't a reader. I am so sad to say I WAS the horrible stereotypical teenager. Social life took over everything, and reading didn't seem cool. I am so glad I got back into it... (Reading can save your life)
2. My favorite genre of adult books are autobiography, biography, and informational.
3. My favorite genre for Middle Grade and picture books is historical fiction and some realistic fiction (if it is funny).
4. I went to buy Christmas gifts at the the bookstore on Saturday and only bought gifts for myself.
5. My grandma used to buy me books as Christmas gifts I thought I would NEVER READ; I have read them all.
6. I love buying new books, but I also think it is really fun to find a brand new book at the library. I like to be the first to read a book.
7. I feel like I can never catch up on my reading, my pile is far too high as is my "I wanna read that" list.

I have no idea who has been tagged, but I will tag some people that I noticed by looking on Google Reader had not yet done this Meme: Jen Robinson's Book Pages, Mentor Texts, Read Alouds, and More, Two Writing Teachers, and A Teacher's Life. Of course I also tag anyone else who really feels like this doing this will make them a better person. :)


Jen Robinson said...

Thanks, Megan! I'm in. And I'm glad that you got back into reading, too.

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for being a good sport! And thanks for modifying it to suit you better!

Jen Barney said...

Thanks Megan... I will do! Take care and have a great holiday season!