Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Book Trailer

You know how I love me some Barbara O'Connor... so here is a trailer for her new book out in the spring, Greetings From Nowhere.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Megan!! You are a doll for posting this. Thanks so much! BUT - how the heck did you find it so fast!! I'm impressed!
Thanks again for always being so supportive.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Never mind - I just saw your comment on my blog. :-)

Megan Germano said...

You're funny. I was sitting reading something on the internet and your post came up on my Google Reader. (That is how I saw it so fast)

Franki said...

I LOVE this! First of all, I am a huge Barbara O'Conner fan. ANd this genre of Book Trailer is fascinating to me. I have never seen a book trailer but that 2 minutes sold me the book for sure! Can't wait to see the real thing:-)