Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New April Carnival of Children's Literature

There is a new Carnival of Children's Literature up for April at Ellsworth's Journal. It is a really fun one! Lots of work went into it.
By the way, I am having another little bout where I am finding it impossible to post. Bear with me. I know this part is kind of tacky, but I just want to you to be patient. I WILL return. And when I do, be prepared!


AMY T said...

i think teachers get an automatic blog hiatus from late April to late May. like when my mom was a kid in Idaho, and they all had three weeks off every October for spud harvests. it's THAT time of year, for us. except our harvest involves stressful, painful, ridiculous amounts of testing, and our crops are really juvenile humans pumped up with tons of bouncy spring energy. i'm coming home more frazzled each day, these days. but i have a blog reader, so don't worry. i'll catch you when you return.

Megan Germano said...

Thanks, Amy!

Mary Lee said...

No offense, but I will not BARE with you! I'll BEAR with you any time, though!

:-) Dam those homophones!