Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Goals Meme

I always DREAD talking about "Goals." I know, I know. I'm a teacher, I should be all about goals. I am, but I am also a perfectionist so I am always I afraid I won't achieve the goals and "someone" will be disappointed. Again, I know, I know... "No one will be disappointed, you'll only disappoint yourself." Well, isn't that enough? I don't particularly like the feeling of disappointment.
That being said, I have been tagged for a Summer Goals Meme by A Year of Reading. I am taking up this challenge not because I love goals, but because I love pleasing others. Does this follow my personality? :)
My Goals for the 2008 Summer:
1. Go on vacation.
2. Learn to cook the types of food that will help my husband.
3. Read at least 1 book a week. (Considerably less than last year, but my priorities are a bit different this year.)
4. Spend time with family.
5. Help my husband feel comfortable to the best of my abilities.
Are those goals? Well, they are for me. I am almost positive I can do them all, except the reading one. I know I can do it, but I am not sure if I will.
I am tagging the following people in the hopes that they feel comfortable to say "No" as I can completely understand:
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Jen Robinson said...

OK, Megan. I'm in. And I actually kind of had fun with this one. Thanks! Your goals inspired me.