Thursday, October 18, 2007

Great Websites!

Recently I was introduced to a new website via Two Writing Teachers. Which brought me to another website.
If you are a classroom teacher of language arts, you may be interested as well. They are classroom websites, with so much more! Check them out!
Mrs. Hayden's World
Team Newingham
P.S. I found a hidden picture of Mary Lee Hahn in the photos section of Mrs. Hayden's World. :)


Mary Lee said...

You made look! I couldn't imagine what I'd be doing there, but there I was! Franki, too! That was a great session. What a gift to be able to present with Debbie Miller and Steph Harvey! (And Franki, of course, too!)

Mary Lee said...

Oops! I meant to write You made ME look. I saw my error just as I hit the publish button. Argh.

Susan Nations said...

I love both of these sites. I knew of Team Newingham, but am so excited to find the other one! Thanks for sharing.

:-) Susan