Monday, July 9, 2007

The Amazing Life of Birds by Gary Paulsen

I was really ready to love this book, The Amazing Life of Birds by Gary Paulsen. Unfortunately, not so much. I know there is a niche for this book, but I am NOT in it. I still love Gary Paulsen. I still really love his writing style. I still think there is no one better for presenting a boy character in all his glory. But, saying that, I must say this book had WAY TOO MUCH information. I could never read this aloud or even recommend this book to a young boy. I would be so embarrassed.
The book goes into pretty good detail about the problems a boy has during puberty. All the information is accurate, and I know every young boy feels these things at some point. But I would be mortified to have a student think I read this. Let's put it this way, I felt as though I was seriously intruding on a 12 year-old boy's diary. (And yes, that is the intention of the story)
Still, I must say there are hilarious parts to this book, and I know boys would be into it. Especially because it is very short. (96 pages) OH YEAH, the title comes from the main character Duane "Doo Doo" Homer Leach comparing his life to the small growing bird he sees outside his window.

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