Monday, July 30, 2007

Campy The Story of Roy Campanella by David A. Adler

What a beautiful book, Campy: The Story of Roy Campanella by David A. Adler and illustrated by Gordon C. James. I was eager to read this picture book about baseball and the famous Roy Campanella even though I don't know much about either, but especially because I don't know much about either. It is so very hard to find picture books to prove to 5th grade boys that picture books are not for babies.
Adler, himself a baseball fan, tells the intriguing story of the famous Brooklyn Dodger Roy Campanella. The illustrator, Gordon C. James accompanies his story with awesome oil paintings. Adler is also the same Adler who writes the Cam Jansen series.
Campanella's story is full of strive, triumph, and tradegy. This book has many lessons to be learned. It would come in handy if you were talking or reading about segregation by the way, because Roy Campanella is the second African American Branch Rickey signed right after Jackie Robinson. Without giving away the whole book if you do not know the story of Roy Campanella, part of the book has to do with disability as well.
The back of the book contains Important Dates, Quotes, and Suggested Reading. I always love when authors do that at the end of nonfiction. It keeps us reading, and that is the point, never stop learning.

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