Friday, August 10, 2007

Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time by Lisa Yee

I needed to read Standford Wong Flunks Big Time by Lisa Yee to be caught up on all things Yee related, and I am glad I did. I am still amazed at how seamlessly Yee can integrate the three books of this series together. This book is no exception.
As with So Totally Emily Ebers, we find ourselves introduced to a friend of Millicent Min from Millicent Min Girl Genius. This time the character is a boy, Standford Wong. Stanford is being tutored by Millicent to pass his English class. He is also after Emily trying to make a romantic connection.
Although the book is packed with things for boys: sports (basketball), girl troubles, friends, a dislike of all school related topics, and a relationship with a father that is less than satisfying; I know girls will get into the story as well. At some points I even felt girls may enjoy it more than boys. None the less, I would not hesitate to introduce a boy to the world of Stanford Wong. The book is fast paced, with short increments, and also hilarious. There are some parts which will really touch your soul. I found myself crying at Stanford's attempts to repair his relationship with his father. There is so much for a young boy to relate to in this story. And maybe a lot for a young boy to learn from this story. I really have a feeling there are some questions Standford has that could be answered for many of my students. It would also give girls a great view into a teenage boy's mind. (Which, let's face it, has always been a great mystery.)


Jessica said...

Hm.. sounds interesting ;) I read Millicent Min, and I enjoyed it. Pretty good :)

Bird Nerd said...

I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and find it very helpful, as I am also a 5th grade teacher! I went on a bit of a book buying spree last night and would like to suggest to you a book with a boy main character: The Day My Mother Left by James Prosek. There is a divorce story line, baseball and soccer, nature (fishing and birds), and drawing. I'm only halfway through it, but I can't put it down and wanted to share. Thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts on different books!!

nightwolf13210 said...

I read this book and it nis freaking awesome!!!