Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Things Amuse Me

When I should be writing about the book I recently finished, I am instead messing with the settings on my blog. Please note my new "Noteworthy Blogs" section. I had this before, but Blogger just came out with a way to make a Blog Roll that not only shows the name of blogs, but also the last entry title and last updated date and time. It also shows an icon for the type of blog they are using, and there is an option to put a snippet of the last entry, although I didn't choose to use this feature. All I had to do was import from my Google Reader which blogs I wanted listed. Blogger does the rest! LOVIN' IT!
PS- Now I feel like a liar. I just looked and my blog was doing none of the things I claimed it could do??? I did decide to let go of the "Last entry title" because it was taking up too much space, but now I am not seeing anything? I will work on this, but I swear it was there and it was cool looking.


Jen Robinson said...

That is really cool, Megan!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for test driving this, Megan! I want to do it and now I can tell Franki to come here for a preview/look-see.

We missed you this morning!! We're planning another get-together in September when every one else is in Portland! We'll keep you in the loop.

Megan Germano said...

I missed y'all too. Especially after I looked at everyone's pictures. I am up for September keep me in the loop ;)

Unknown said...

Blogger does not allow us to create more than one page, and so yes, any improvement takes up too much space:(

I have been trying to add fancy stuff my blog,but keep running short of space.